About Leila The Tailor

Leila was born and raised in Iran. For as long as she can remember she has been inspired and motivated by clothes and fashion. Professionally, Leila’s career has taken her from her beginnings as a pattern cutter for the fashion designer, to success as a fashion designer in her own right for producing exciting, innovative, trendy designs.

Motivated by the desire to participate and learn more about the world of European fashion, Leila relocated to the UK where she currently lives and works. She established a bespoke tailoring shop in London. As a result of the quality and variety of her work, her clientele and reputation swiftly increased and she has established a vibrant, friendly accommodating fashion and tailoring business. Additionally, she designs and produces bridal garments.

Leila remains resolute in his fashion principles. She is extremely interested in colour and textures in materials and is continually experimenting with these to produce unusual, distinctive, high-quality garments that appeal to those men and women who wish to look original, striking and up-to-date.

Leila intentionally ignores distinctions traditionally associated with gender, to produce interesting, contrasting juxtapositions in her designs. Her garments, although both daring and unusual, are comfortable, wearable and above all fashionable and stylish.

Our services include the following sectors:
– Bespoke design and sewing of wedding dresses
– Alterations in the wedding dress
– Design and sewing formal and evening dresses
– Design and sewing of men’s and women’s clothing
– Alterations and restoration of men’s and women’s clothing
– Design and sewing of curtains