Design and sewing of men’s and women’s clothing

Are you in search for reliable clothing tailor that will be also cost effective? We design, develop and manufacture the right product for our customers. from idea to the finished product. We will guide you through to avoid the unnecessary hassle.

Creating patterns for clothing production is a skilled practice. The detail and technique behind each pattern ensure that garments are made to specification with a minimal margin of error. Once you’ve designed your clothing, your sketches will need to be turned into technical drawings before patterns can be created. We do this well for both men’s and women’s clothing.

Can you tell the difference between male and female clothing? Especially the ones that seem ‘unisex’. Take shirts, for instance, a lot of people don’t know the difference; they can’t tell whether it’s male or female. You are partially correct if you say the only difference lies in the size as there are a lot more properties that differentiate the female clothing from that of the male.

Yes, the size of a male’s clothing is usually bigger than the female’s. Colours can also make a difference. For example, sleeves show difference between male and female shirts. The location of the arm cut on the sleeve, where you have the armpit on a female’s shirt is slightly different from that of a male. Depending on the style of the shirt, the female sleeves are mostly sewn tighter and more fitted than the male’s.

Dresses always help you look your best. From tea to brunch to family dinner, the perfect dress makes you stand out in person and in photos. You can choose from the many options here to find a dress that will suit your needs. Browse short sleeved dresses, long sleeved dresses, minis, maxis, summer versions, and winter cuts to round out your closet. Each dress here is designed for a unique look that will be sewn just for you or your loved one. They have beautiful sleeves and necklines that flatter every body type. You can invest time in the little details on these dresses knowing that you can keep the piece for many occasions to come.

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